Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 53 - 202.4

So, I suppose I should be pleased that I lost 4 tenths of a pound...but I am not! lol. I intend to not allow a treat day until I see 190 on the scale. That is actually a pretty big goal for me since my weekends are really very tough in the eating department. I do have a busy weekend coming up so I think that will be very helpful in keeping myself in line, so to speak.

I fully expect to see 201.0 tomorrow on the scale. I am going to do two shakes today and a light dinner. My laxative tea did not work very I have to do another dose of it today. I have been very tired by the time I get home so I have been blowing off my workouts. Also, it had dropped temperature here today as well and should be cold all weekend.

I intend to ATLEAST work my abs tonight. My neck is slowly getting better and working on the exercise ball should not be painful. I will set that as a mini-goal for this evening.

I am very displeased that I am 53 days in and have caused myself so many setbacks. I should have lost atleast 30 pounds since my start date and I have repeatedly screwed myself!!!!!

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