Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 71 - 193.8 I was furious to see an increase today. I stayed on plan but I ate too much taco meat and ground beef in general yesterday.

TOM is gone as of now so I was hoping for a big drop and got screwed. I am not hungry at all today and will not eat unless I am.My goal this week is to be in the 180's. Enough said.

I think I will plan to have 1 shake today and some deviled eggs. Screw cooking today, I am too pissed off.

P.S. I am starting my 30 minutes of exercise tonight. Up until this point I have not had the energy nor the desire to exercise. I plan to use my treadmill and my rebounder this evening. Once I have established the habit of 30 minutes per day, I will more than likely choose a more aggressive routine. For today and the next 21 days I will focus on just forming the habit of exercise. I will allow myself to break the 30 minutes down into 2-15 minute sessions if necessary. I do not anticipate that this will be the case, but I will add that caveat just in case.

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