Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 25 - 200.2 that was a horrible tease! I am dying to see 199 and poof...the dream is gone. Well, I can only attribute this to too many carbs yesterday.

I had two shakes. I had Chicken with taco seasoning (far too  many carbs in those packets...they add SUGAR to them. I will make my own seasoning next time for certain!) I had the taco chicken on romaine hearts with sour cream...I cannot blame the carbs in the romaine hearts as they have fiber.I also had two servings of powdered vitamin C which also has carbs. I would put my carb range at about 40 and lately I have been staying closer to 20-25 carbs.

I KNOW I will be 199 tomorrow.

To recap - in 25 days I have lost exactly 15 pounds. That is still wonderful!!!!!! Especially seeing as how it took me 77 days to lose just 8 pounds. What a joke!

I am off work tomorrow so I will have a short post from home.

Happy dieting.

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