Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 23 - no weigh in

Ok...no weigh ins on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday..(today).

I messed up and ate off plan on Sunday night...I have been paying ever since. I got very sick and had gall bladder pain. I shocked my system with pot roast and potatoes...

I know I need a treat once per week for sure. I end up eating off plan over the weekend.

I could not drink a single shake on Monday...had a light dinner and got sick.
I had one shake today and felt very nauseated. So now I am on water. I will do vitamin C and magnesium tonight when I get home. I found after some research that this will probably help...along with alot of water. I am going to weigh in tomorrow.

ELEOTIN...did not work for me. I cannot return it as it is a food product. I recommend skipping it.

I have done some senna tea  a couple times and that seems to be working fine. And much cheaper.

Sorry I have not posted. I just felt too crummy.

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