Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 11 - 207.6

Woo hoo! Very excited about the 207 mark. I only managed two shakes yesterday. I was pretty busy and I had chicken over raw baby spinach with full fat dressing. It was delicious! One of my sisters started the shakes as well and that will add to my motivation for certain. I expect to hit 206 tomorrow. I am so jazzed up that I am getting near to the 100's again. I know that by the end of May I will be into the 150's. This will be the first summer of many to come that I will feel comfortable wearing shorts and no sleeve shirts!!!!!!! I cannot wait.

It happens to be -10 outside so summer is a thought I am holding in my mind to keep me going.

Happy dieting!

I forgot to add...I had two pieces of beef jerky (small ones) to tide me over until I could cook my chicken. I oiled my pan with real butter by the made the chicken come out perfect!

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