Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 19 -203.0

YAY! So very happy when I saw that number on the scale this morning. I had a rough day yesterday and was very hungry. I had a total of 3 shakes and 2 salads. I started to feel bad for the two salads at first but then realized that I really was hungry and did not want to slam my face into the chocolate cake that was still in the fridge from the weekend.

So to review: I have lost 12.2 pounds in 19 days using this diet. For 11.5 weeks prior to starting this I lost only 8 pounds. I am THRILLED at the results. I have been grinning all morning.

Now comes the tricky part....the weekend. In the past, weekends have tripped me up. NOT ANYMORE. This weekend I am staying on target and plan to lose lose lose.

Happy dieting and thanks for reading.

P.S. I did the "math" and at the rate I am losing, I project I will have lost 19.2 pounds this month. Keeping that rate as the base line, I will have lost 57.6 pounds by my 90th day on this diet...SUPER DOOPER!

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